Planting against the contour of the land and using plants to naturally filter water eliminate risk to nearby water bodies.

At Cinco Ramas. . .

We believe in the Organic Agriculture principal that there are connections between how we live, eat, and farm, our health and the health of the planet. And it’s not just us; the global community is beginning to realize that by revitalizing the microbiology in healthy soils and creating bio-diverse growing systems, the crops that we produce and the food that we eat will be more abundant and nutrient dense. And who couldn’t benefit from a bit more nutrients in the food they eat?
“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ― Hippocrates
One of the foundations of our passions for growing is, well, eating! There is something truly satisfying about sitting down to a meal that you know has been made with ingredients that are grown with care. And we care, a lot. After all, everyone that works at Cinco Ramas takes something home, so we make sure it is only the best!
“Wealth is a deep understanding of the natural world.” ― Bill Mollison
And when we aren’t eating, we like to spend our time sourcing endangered trees and plants, or species that provide habitat or food for wildlife. We all enjoy our work just a bit more when we hear the toucans squawk, feel the hummingbirds race by your head while chirping out to a friend, or watch a basilisk lizard race across the water as we walk the wetland trail on the farm. In other words, we feel good about making the plot of land we work even better year after year, which in turn, makes our work easier and even more enjoyable.
“On land, all life springs from soil. Soil is ecological currency. If we overspend it or deplete it, the environment goes bankrupt.” ― Paul Staments
Cinco Ramas is dedicated to providing only the best produce by adhering to holistic approaches to farm management and crop production. It starts with careful consideration to how each crop will be chosen, planted, and cared for in the long term and the effects our management will have on the overall health of the farm and the conservation areas within the farm. Not only are we Certified Organic and Blue Flag Certified, we also combine philosophies of Regenerative Agriculture, Permaculture and Agroforestry. We like to think of ourselves as beyond Organic!
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