We all enjoy a classic cup tea, but one of the finest creations to come from the world of teas is the blend. With our broad diversity of organic herbs and spices we have possibilities for creating something new, unique and truly personal. By mixing some of our finest ingredients we offer the best of Cinco Ramas in every brew.

Ginger, Turmeric & Black Pepper

Three of the most potent and investigated medicinal plants together in a warm, comforting blend. The flavors in this tonic are satisfying, soothing, and healing.

Oaxaca Lemon Verbena

Packed with essential oils like dihydrocarvone, limonene, pinene, linalol, camphor et al, Oaxaca Lemon Verbena has been used for thousands of years by indigenous peoples throughout Central and South America.

The oils are have been shown to be antibiotic, antioxidant, and sedative. It’s sedative qualities help to improve the quality of sleep, not inducing it. And if that weren’t enough, this incredible plant has been shown to be effective for respiratory ailments and relieve gastrointestinal problems.

Galangal, Hibiscus & Lemon Grass

In the mood for an uplifting blend that can be drank hot or cold? Well look no further. When warm, the spicy, herbal qualities of the galangal are complemented and tamed by the fruity and citrus notes of the hibiscus and lemon grass to create a cozy cup on a cold day.

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