Ruby color that makes a delicious refreshment over ice. Fruity, pleasantly acidic and full of flavour.

Hibiscus, from its home in Africa, has a long history of use not only for its deep red flowers (botanically speaking, we use the red calyx), but also as a delicious vegetable stir fry, in soups and spicy chutneys. The edible seeds have a peanut-like flavor, have an oil content of up to 20%, and can be roasted for use as a coffee substitute.

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  • Organic Hibiscus Powder

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    The powdered version of this ruby red spice can be used the same as whole hibiscus or add to your spice mixes in sweet recipes like ice cream, simple syrup, or added to fermented beverages.

  • Organic Hibiscus whole

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    This fruity ingredient makes a delicious drink combined with ginger or lemon grass and a touch of honey for sweetness.

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